About Us

At BINSA INTERNACIONAL we are fully aware that we have to keep up with the change of times so we can plan our future and face the new challenges.

A mirror of our philosophy is the start of our new proyect BINSA INTERNACIONAL that consists in the installation of our new manufacturing company at Piedras Negras, Coah., this is the largest company in the world for this type of product and is capable of producing up to 400 tons a day.  

By uniting the best of technology and organization, this company is an example to follow. This plant can almost instantly adapt to market demand and guarantees the best customer service which has always been a must for us at BINSA INTERNACIONAL.

The obligation to respond to a demanding market and the neccesity to foresee its future, has taken BINSA INTERNACIONAL to choose a technology that adapts to a flexibility of forms, colors and mixtures, that helps us grow closer with our customers by offering a wide variety of products and services.